An Introduction to Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) in Delphi

Information about my CodeRage 7 session on implementing MVVM in Delphi.

CodeRage 7 is on next week and I’ll be doing a session introducing MVVM and how to implement it in Delphi. If you’re not aware of MVVM, it’s a Presentation Pattern, a way to structure your applications so that you maximize the amount of code in your app that can be unit tested (including your form logic) while at the same time, simplifying the task of swapping out different UI’s in front of your app (eg. to have different forms for different platforms or devices). It leverages Data Binding, in my case, LiveBindings in XE3.

I have a series of deeper dive articles planned on different areas of MVVM in Delphi, and this session will serve as the starting point.

Session details are here.


  • Is the source code for the sample project in this video available somewhere?

    • @DavidSchwartz1 Allt he resource links (including the github link for the source) from the video are available here

  • […] are the resources I mentioned in my Introduction to MVVM in Delphi session at CodeRage 7. There are many more MVVM resources out there, but I’ve tried to keep this as the short-list […]

  • Is it possible to have the video ad replay? The link doesn’t work,

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