MVVM Resource List

Here are the resources I mentioned in my Introduction to MVVM in Delphi session at CodeRage 7. There are many more MVVM resources out there, but I’ve tried to keep this as the short-list of those I’ve found truly useful. I’ll update as I encounter more.

Coderage Replay

Delphi Source


  • Developer’s Guide to Microsoft Prism
    A free ebook from MS’s Patterns and Practices group. Prism covers more than just MVVM, but the MVVM sections were useful. 
  • Advanced MVVM
    A short-ish ebook covering a game developed using MVVM, and a handful of problems the author faced and the solutions he used. Definitely not your starting point, but worth a look once you’re up and rolling. 



  • Build Your Own MVVM Framework
    Don’t let the name put you off, this video is really about techniques to remove code from your View. Some of it is WPF-specific but much is conceptually relevant to MVVM in other frameworks. 


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