Git Integration enhancements in RAD Studio XE8

VersionInsight in RAD Studio XE8 has been extended further, with deeper Git integration and also support for Mercurial (in addition to Git and Subversion). In this article I want to quickly highlight the new Git features, as that’s what I mostly use, but you can see more about the Mercurial support here.

As an aside, if you’re not familiar with VersionInsight, I did some videos quite awhile ago that showed how to use it against Subversion, and then another video which shows it working against Git.


The new Git integration features come in 3 main areas:

  • Pull support – Allows you to fetch from the remote repository any commits you don’t have locally.
  • Push support – Allows you to push to the remote repository any local commits that have not yet been pushed.
  • Clean support – Recursively removes any files from your working tree that are not in git.

All are accessed the same way: Right click on your project in the Project Manager and move your mouse down to the Git submenu.

Like the other commands, with each you can choose between acting just on the project directory or on the whole repository.





One Comment

  • Nice to see the Git support is improving in Delphi but I’m still waiting for full branching support to be integrated.

    I work one one of my projects which has become quite large and has modular structure of the code.
    The problem is the fact that I usually jump from working on one module to the other so in order to maintain overal stability of the entire project I have one project group containing multiple projects. Each revision of each module actually has its own project.
    And on top of that I also have several aditional projects for combining different combinations of module revisions.
    So I guess you can imagine how complicated can this become.

    Now imagine having full Git support integrated directly into Delphi Project Manager.
    It would give me the ability to have one brach for each module and each of these branches could have several sub-branches for specific module revisions.
    So this would give you the ability to simply select which branches or sub-branches are active and then compiled into your final project.

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