FileExplorer for Delphi

FileExplorer is a free add-in for Delphi 2005, which provides Explorer-like functionality in a dockable window inside the IDE. Some of the features include:

  • Fully dockable, just like the standard IDE Windows, including support for the IDE’s Desktop’s feature, auto-hide, etc.
  • Smart Resize, which changes the window layout depending on its location.
  • Drag and Drop from FileExplorer to many parts of the IDE (Project Manager, Code Editor, etc)
  • Jump to the current Project directory, the active File’s directory, or any directory in your VCL or .NET Library Path.
  • Open a Command Prompt or Windows Explorer in the selected directory.


Basically, FileExplorer requires Delphi 2005. If you can run Delphi 2005, you should be OK for FileExplorer.


Currently, FileExplorer is in Beta release. There are a bunch of To Do’s below, but if you have bug reports or feature suggestions, please send them to me (you’ll have to de-mangle the email address before sending).

To Do

  • Save Path, etc settings between instances.
  • Extend “Go To” folders.
  • Add support for Favorites.
  • Integrate into Delphi Options dialog.
  • Think up a cooler name.


Beta 0.71 – 10 November 2004

  • Change to installer to stop copying packages into System32 directory.

Beta 0.7 – 7 November 2004

  • Update to Delphi 2005
  • Added support for VCL and .NET Library Paths
  • Added Current Path info to Caption

Beta 0.6 – 27 March 2004

  • Fixes the issue where FileExplorer would not appear if contained in the IDE’s active desktop at startup

Beta 0.5 – 22 March 2004

  • Initial Release.


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