MenuPalette for Delphi and C++Builder

MenuPalette is an add-in for Delphi 2007 and C++Builder 2007 that extends the Tool Palette to also contain all IDE menu items. This allows you to search for a menu item by typing some part of its title, and the Tool Palette will do the hard work of narrowing down the matches.

A more detailed description available here


Delphi 2007 or C++Builder 2007. If you can run either of those, you can run MenuPalette.

Known Issues

  • If you remove the package while the IDE is still running, the Tool Palette in the IDE barfs. Restarting the IDE fixes it up. It’s on my list of things to fix, but it doesn’t cause massive problems as it only happens if you manually remove the package from the IDE list. If you can’t live with this, don’t install it.

If you have suggestions or requests, let me know.



  • Source is available on github

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