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App Tethering : Overview

One of the capabilities introduced in recent versions of RAD Studio and AppMethod is App Tethering. Over a number of posts I want to explore App Tethering further, starting from an overview of the technology and then going further down… down eventually to the network packet level. My aim is you’ll come out with a quite thorough understanding not just how to use App Tethering, but also what you might use it for.

In the absence of anywhere else to start, let’s start with a question.

What is App Tethering?

In its simplest terms, App Tethering makes it easy for apps to find and communicate with each other. Now, I accept that is so generic an explanation as to be almost useless. You could say something similar about DataSnap, or EMS, or plenty of other distributed systems. So let’s shed a bit more light.

Read On…

Where to get your IBLite and InterBase ToGo License Files?

I’ve had a couple of questions lately about where to get the free IBLite Deployment License and also the InterBase ToGo testing licenses that you are entitled to as RAD Studio XE5 customers.

The details are actually in the email you received when you bought XE5, the one that contained your XE5 serial number. However I know in some cases that email goes to the finance or purchasing department in an organisation, rather than the develoeprs. Further, if you are on maintenance, you don’t actually get that email. Read On…

Programatically Disable the Idle Timer on iOS using the ObjectiveC Bridge

If you’ve got an iOS device, you’ve probably noticed that if you stop interacting with your device, after a little while it will turn off the screen and go to sleep. This makes perfect sense for devices that are battery challenged at the best of times, but one side effect of this is that whatever app is running will also stop.

For many apps, this is fine, but what if you don’t want your app to stop running? What if, like one project I’m working on currently, it is accepting input from the accelerometer and just because nobody is interacting with it right now, I still want it to record that accelerometer input? Read On…

Where to see RAD Studio XE4 in the coming weeks

Things have been hectic since the XE4 launch. We’ve had in-person events in lots of countries around Asia. I’ve done Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, but they’ve also been happening in Australia (with ADUG) and China, and we’ve had lots of webinars as well.

What has been really encouraging is the number of new people at the events. I’ve spoken to Xcode developers, Visual Studio developers and Java developers across multiple countries who are all trying out Delphi for the first time. Read On…

A Facebook-style layout for your mobile app

I’ve been working on a ShowCase App for the Delphi XE4 release, and as part of it I wanted to have a “drawer” layout. I first saw this in the iOS and Android Facebook app, but it has shown up in other apps since.

If you’re not familiar with this, it is where your main content takes up the bulk of the screen, except for a toolbar at the top. The toolbar has a “hamburger” button that slides the main content area over to the right to expose a second content area (often a menu) underneath. Read On…