• […] The false positives that Avast! anti-virus was throwing against Delphi-created executables seems to have been addressed. There’s a one line notice added to their support forums here http://forum.avast.com/ .. read more […]

  • I find it very frustrating that some anti virus programs are unable to make proper signatures. At least one test on a clean installed system should have shown them that there is something wrong.

  • GData suffers the same issue 🙁

  • I would say that the positive is not false at all. Since some time, anti virus engines try to empirically detect suspicious code patterns used by loaders/crackers/whatever. And, AFAIU, the approaches lately introduced in Delphi copy protection schemes are pretty much the same.

    I.e., anti virus detects what it is supposed to detect. What is false here?

  • JOhnQ : This is detecting a virus in apps written in Delphi. Not just Delphi itself, but end user applications. When even the AV vendor itself admits it was a false positive, I think it’s pretty clear cut.

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