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I spent the morning at Forum8’s Design Festival in Tokyo a couple of days ago. Forum8 build Virtual Reality solutions, mostly it seems for construction, automotive and railway design, traffic and emergency simulation. A couple of hundred of their customers were at the event, sharing the solutions they’d built on Forum8’s technology and getting a look at what Forum8 have coming in the new versions.

Why am I telling you all of this? Well, Forum8’s VR engine and application is written in Delphi, and the SDK that their customers and partners can use to customise the VR solutions is also based on Delphi. There were a number of structural and automotive engineers and designers there who’s first exposure to Delphi was by customising Forum8’s system, and it was really cool to hear how enthusiastic they were about it and what else they can do with Delphi in general.

Forum8's Delphi SDK manual

I got to test a few of the simulators they had on the conference floor, including one which was trying to measure my driving skills and response times in various driving conditions (rain, traffic emergencies, etc). Everyone was very polite, but judging by the anime-style sad faces that kept coming up on the screen after each test I’m guessing I didn’t do very well.

Playing aside, I got to spend some time with some of the Forum8 engineers, both to discuss what they were doing with Delphi, and what they needed from us in future versions.

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  • Virtual reality is something that makes technology interesting with this incorporated in our daily lives we can do more than just what we can do now.

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