Multitouch is so passe, Face control is where it’s at.

Natural User Interfaces are developing at a furious pace. It seems like the Kinect has really put a fire under this space.

One of the more interesting (and potentially embarrassing) examples of this I’ve seen recently is using a webcam and some custom face tracking software to control music software via OSC. There are a few videos below.

A lot of early momentum around alternative input mechanisms seems to happen in music software. Controlling a DAW with a mouse and keyboard is pretty limiting compared to the tactile nature of musical instruments, and it’s difficult to give a good “performance” with a mouse. A lot of the early hacks for the Wii controller happened in this space, the Kinect was the same, now face control. Will be interesting to see what if anything useful falls out of this for business application.

FaceOSC JAM2 and Ableton from Jonathan Hammond on Vimeo.

faceOSC & touchOSC testing with ableton live from Kostia Rapoport on Vimeo.

FaceOSC from Kyle McDonald on Vimeo.

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