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Programming Collective Intelligence

This book has taken me longer to read than just about any other technology book, but I’ll come back to that.

The premise of this book is that machine learning has become an integral part of modern applications, from Amazon’s product recommendations through Google’s pagerank and on to decision making, filtering and clustering and a few others in between. Basically a range of different approaches to extracting meaning from data. Each chapter covers a different technique from a very practical angle: you actually build an implementation of the algorithm in question. Read On…

Review : Masterminds of Programming by Federico Biancuzzi

Over my last few flights I’ve been reading Masterminds of Programming by Federico Biancuzzi. It’s a collection of interviews with the creators of a whole bunch of different programming languages, and is quite full of advice and insight, even for those of us who’ll never design a language.

I expected to be most interested in the interviews about languages I have some exposure to (eg. C#, C++, SQL, Objective-C) but was surprised to find myself much more intrigued by the discussions on unfamiliar languages (eg. Eiffel, Lua, Forth, Haskell).

Read On…