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10/gui. Intriguing multitouch/desktop reinvention concept (Thanks @richardvowles).

Another one courtesy of Richard Vowles. This video is quite intriguing. I’m not sure how much this exists beyond the concept video. The multitouch on the desktop part is not that surprising, not a million miles from other solutions, both existing and prototypes. The window approach, and the combination of the two is the part that has me thinking, although how many desktop reinventions have come and gone over the years? At least this one is not 3d, as most seem to be 🙂

MS Multitouch Mouse demos – Could be cool for Delphi 2010 Multitouch apps on the desktop.

These could make a lot more sense for multitouch on the desktop than actually reaching out to the screen.

NB: The link has an apostrophe in it, which seems to cause issues with some browsers. Chrome deals ok, but IE not so much.

When you click on the link and it fails, if the last portion of the URL looks like this, 2009-10/microsoft-multitouch-mice-demo’d, try replacing it with this, 2009-10/microsoft-multitouch-mice-demo%E2%80%99d

Worst case, the video (but not the article) is here