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Migrating SVN to Git with history

I’ve been using Git more and more lately, mostly because it allows me to do lots of checkins locally, even when disconnected, and then push those centrally when I get back online.

I’ve just gone through the process of migrating all my public and private SVN repositories to github (for the public ones) and BitBucket (for the private ones). A one-way migration is not that difficult, but a one-way migration with all the checkin history, branches and tags proved to be a little more involved. Read On…

Uwe continues to do great work on the community version of VersionInsight

Uwe Schuster just keeps on adding new features to VersionInsight.

If you’re using Subversion he’s posted a long list of changes/fixes/new features here. He’s well underway on adding Mercurial and Git support as well and LiveBlame is looking very cool also.

If you haven’t updated the version of VersionInsight that comes with XE to the Community version yet, he’s even got you covered with instructions. Nice one Uwe!