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CodeSite 2, from Raize Software , is a powerful debugging tool for Borland Delphi and C++Builder. The problem? Often not all of the logic in your application is contained in Delphi or C++Builder code. Some logic is often contained in Stored Procedures and Triggers. However, by itself, CodeSite will only let you trace the flow of execution to the boundary of your Delphi or C++Builder code. What goes on inside your database is pretty much a mystery to CodeSite.

Well, SQLSite tries to fix that. SQLSite is an extension to CodeSite 2, allowing CodeSite messages to be sent from within MS SQL Server Stored Procedures and Triggers. Now you can trace the flow of logic from your Delphi code to your Stored Procedure and back to your Delphi code, making it much easier to track down errors in your applications.


SQLSite has been tested with CodeSite 2 Professional and SQL Server 7. I'm not taking advantage of any of the features not present in CodeSite 2 Standard, so I believe it should also work with the Standard Edition. Additionally, SQL Server has had Extended Stored Procedure support for a number of versions, so I believe it should also work with other versions of SQL Server. As I try it out with more versions, I'll post the results.


As an example, the following test Stored Procedure:

create proc TestCS
  declare @callresult integer
  exec csClear 
  exec csCategoryColor 'clWhite' 
  exec csEnterMethod 'TestCS' 
  exec csCategory 'SQLSite Test' 
  exec csAddCheckPoint 
  exec csResetCheckpoint 
  exec csAddCheckPoint 
  exec csAddSeparator 
  exec csSendMemoryStatus 
  exec csSendMsg 'Msg' 
  exec csDisable 
  exec csSendMsg 'Should not see this' 
  exec csEnable 
  exec csCategoryColor 'clYellow'
  exec @callresult = csEnabled
  if (@callresult = 1)
    exec csSendMsg 'CodeSite Already Enabled' 
    exec csEnable 
    exec csSendMsg 'Just Enabled CodeSite' 
  exec csSendMsg 'Should see this' 
  exec csSendString 'String', 'Value' 
  exec csSendInteger 'Integer', 1 
  exec csSendFloat 'Float', 1.1 
  exec csSendNote 'This is a test note' 
  exec csWriteInteger 'First', 'Integer', 1 
  exec csWriteFloat 'Second', 'Float', 1.1 
  exec csWriteString 'Third', 'String', 'Value' 
  exec csWriteMsg 'Fourth', 'Msg' 
  exec csExitMethod 'TestCS' 

produces the following output in the CodeSite 2 viewer:


Click image for larger screenshot

Currently, SQLSite supports the following CodeSite 2 calls, inside your SQL Server code. This seems to cover most requirements, but let me know if you simply can't live without support for something else.

  CodeSite SQLSite Equivalent
  CodeSite.Category csCategory
  CodeSite.CategoryColor csCategoryColor
  CodeSite.AddSeparator csAddSeparator
  CodeSite.AddCheckpoint csAddCheckpoint
  CodeSite.ResetCheckpoint csResetCheckpoint
  CodeSite.SendMemoryStatus csSendMemoryStatus
  CodeSite.Clear csClear
  CodeSite.Enabled := True csEnable
  CodeSite.Enabled := False csDisable
  CodeSite.Enabled csEnabled
  CodeSite.DestinationDetails csDestinationDetails
  CodeSite.EnterMethod csEnterMethod
  CodeSite.ExitMethod csExitMethod
  CodeSite.SendMsg csSendMsg
  CodeSite.SendString csSendString
  CodeSite.SendInteger csSendInteger
  CodeSite.SendFloat csSendFloat
  CodeSite.SendNote csSendNote
  CodeSite.WriteInteger csWriteInteger
  CodeSite.WriteFloat csWriteFloat
  CodeSite.WriteString csWriteString
  CodeSite.WriteMsg csWriteMsg

CodeSite is a trademark of Raize Software .            
SQL Server is a trademark of Microsoft