Where to get your IBLite and InterBase ToGo License Files?

I’ve had a couple of questions lately about where to get the free IBLite Deployment License and also the InterBase ToGo testing licenses that you are entitled to as RAD Studio XE5 customers.

The details are actually in the email you received when you bought XE5, the one that contained your XE5 serial number. However I know in some cases that email goes to the finance or purchasing department in an organisation, rather than the develoeprs. Further, if you are on maintenance, you don’t actually get that email.

The email contains a few things:

  1. Your IBLite XE3 for Mobile Deployment License, which is a 20 digit serial number
  2. Your Interbase XE3 ToGo Test Deployment License, another 20 digit serial number
  3. The IBLite and Interbase ToGo Registration Codes
  4. Instructions on how to use these things together to get the license.

Number 1 and 2 are unique to you. You’ll either need to get them from whoever has your email (if it didn’t come to you) or if you’re on maintenance, log into the maintenance portal and grab them.

Number 3 and 4 are the same across users, so I’ve pasted them direct from the email below:

This Embarcadero product also entitles you to a free IBLite for Android and iOS database deployment license. To activate your deployment license, go to https://reg.codegear.com/srs6/activation.do and enter the IBLite for Mobile serial number above and

Registration Code: 737479.

For more information on IBLite, see http://embt.co/IBXE33QS.

This Embarcadero product also entitles you to InterBase XE3 ToGo Test Deployment license on Android, iOS, Windows and OS X for testing purposes.

In order to activate your Test Deployment license please go to: https://reg.codegear.com/srs6/activation.do

and enter the serial number above and Registration Code: 737479.

InterBase ToGo is already included as part of the RAD Studio install.

For more information and instructions on InterBase XE3 Test Deployment follow the link http://embt.co/IBXE33QS and search for “Test Deployment”.

There is further information on using IBLite and IBToGo in the docs:

There is also a short video you can watch showing some of the process as well.





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